*Haiku Contest valid in our Morehead City Location Only*

This year's Grand Prize Winner receives dinner for two at Akai Hana Morehead City.


Our four second place contestants receive $20 gift certificates!


If you haven't already claimed your prize, please come by the restaurant!

First Annual

Akai Hana Haiku Contest

Enter your original haiku poem for a chance to win dinner for two or a $20 gift certificate to Akai Hana Japanese Restaurant.


One Grand Prize will be awarded and four runner-up prizes.

Deadline is May 31, 2014.


Haiku is a traditional Japanese poem of three lines, often, but not always, composed of 17 syllables arranged in a 5-7-5 form. Haiku usually contains a reference to nature and the seasons and reflects a Buddhist perception about life.




Previous winners


Orchid blossom drops-

Six weeks you graced my table

I will miss your face.

-Margaret Muller


Remembering her

On a light branch of my heart

I climb where I could not.

-Jeff Martin


Early greens for sale

How will I fit so much sprimg

In my small basket?

-Sue Covella


When there is no cat

The sun leaps through the window

And into my lap.

-Jude Casseday